Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sell Outs

A lot of fashion bloggers are turning into "businesses" these days. Giveaways, promotions, advertising rates and now commissioning models to photograph their overpriced clothing.

Now that Zooey Deschannel copy cat, Liebemarlene, is capitializing on her web traffic, I feel like she has totally lost her touch. Is it me or does she wear the same things everyday? Her model is really..boring, no "je ne sais quoi." Why did she change her lo-fi, one man job blog into a blatant self-promoting, name dropping domain. I really hope other blogger girls don't start to venture into business making, we have enough girls already trying to support their shopping addictions as it is.

What happened to the golden days of blogging? When it wasn't about your photograph plastered all over your website, when you weren't rallying people to buy your items?